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The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning Syst (14th Dec 22 at 1:26am UTC)
"During this period, I did encounter very difficult problems, but they were overcome by me and my team one by one. At least now I can say that I am satisfied, but in fact I can do better." When Xiong Yiyao said this sentence, all people thought that it was too modest, after all, in all people's eyes, Xiong Yiyao had done a good job, but he was still not satisfied with himself. The reporters had a thorough understanding of everyone in the company, and they all had a common essence, that is, they were modest and wanted to be beaten. And the bullet screen on the live broadcast platform is also a howl. Dean Xiong Yiyao, don't be so modest! "The saddest thing in the world is that people who are better than you work harder than you." Of course, Xiong Yiyao did not know the specific situation, he really just said his true feelings, and he always thought that if it was done by Yiye, it would be better than what he did. If Yu Yiye, who was resting in the background, knew that Xiong Yiyao looked at her in this way, he would have to say that he could not do it. If there were no changes, Yu Yiye would certainly not have this medical skill, and the result would be self-evident. These doctors full of personality could not be invited. As the press conference continued, more and more people poured into the live broadcast platform, and at the same time, many deans of Huaxia Hospital were watching the live broadcast. However,interactive whiteboard for schools, there is one person who has to be mentioned. This is a very small house, but many doctors, especially the hospital directors, have almost trampled the threshold of the house, hoping to invite the owner of the house to come out. At this time, the owner of the house was also watching the live broadcast of Huaxing Future, with some withered hands touching his long gray beard and smiling at the live broadcast. This is a sprightly old man who looks very old, but his spirit is not inferior to that of young people. He was still talking, and if he listened carefully,smart board whiteboard, he could hear it clearly. Yes, yes, there is potential. These seven words are repeated over and over. If Yu Yiye and Wu Xin had seen the old man with their own eyes, they would have recognized him at the first time, right? After all, we had experienced great things together at the beginning. Of course, it's just if they don't see each other now. Hey, old man, what are you watching on TV? Come and help me carry the dishes. Suddenly, the sound of the door opening attracted the old man's attention. When he got up and went to the gate, he looked back at Xiong Yiyao's face in the live broadcast, as if he had made up his mind, and then went to the gate. Chapter 590 storm This kind of thing, and did not have any impact on Huaxing's future conference, when Xiong Yiyao specifically introduced his treatment process these days, Yu Yiye once again made a brilliant debut. If you want to say who is the most anticipated at the press conference, it is none other than Yiye. When Yiye's figure just appeared, touch screen board classroom ,86 smart board, the reporters' eyes lit up. Similarly, when Yu Yiye opens his mouth, everyone knows that the point is coming. What should you do when you are faced with a false accusation? To refute? To berate? Useless, now people always say a word, that is, more and more black, as if there is a very strange assertion-the government denied, is correct, regardless of right or wrong black and white. "As long as you deny it, it is true, so it is useless to say anything." Yu Yiye's expression is so sarcastic, the expression on his face, so that many people are a little uneasy, is it difficult to attack people again? "So, when Huaxing Future and I were slandered, I didn't say, I let these people jump, because I knew that the higher they jumped, the worse they fell." "I am accumulating strength, evidence, everything, things that can not be refuted, at the right time, to take out and hit the face hard." Said this sentence, Yu Yiye is quite proud, hit the face of the crazy demon Yu Yiye this name is not nonsense ah.
"So, you should also know what I'm going to say. I said at the press conference before this consultation that we want to prove to the world what kind of doctor President Xiong Yiyao is, what kind of person he is, and what his medical skills are. Now, I think you have seen it." "In the meantime, we have collected enough evidence." A complaint in his hand was completely displayed, "So the person who framed President Xiong Yiyao, a group of people who wanted President Xiong Yiyao to disappear from the world and hide behind the live camera." "We will see you in court, even if you hide to the ends of the earth, I will catch you, let you pay the corresponding price for what you have done!"! Do what you say! Even if the time is longer, I can afford it! This sentence is loud and forceful. For Yiye, she will not let go of a bad person, nor will she let a good person be wronged, especially around her. Xiong Yiyao stood in the back, looking at the people facing the audience in front of her, and her figure seemed to be shining in the light of the spotlights. The corner of the mouth pulls out a small radian, he finally understood, why, those Huaxing future high-level, as well as other people who came earlier than him are so dead set on a leaf. With sincerity, in exchange for sincerity, Yu Yiye is gambling, are they not? Facts have proved that they bet right, Yu Yiye, and you bet right. Okay, there are a few more things. First, Huaxing will set up a patient database on the official website in the future. In fact, it is also a queuing system. We will regularly open Huaxing's future hospitals to the outside world to treat patients. When the patient database is online,65 inch smart board, patients can input their symptoms and contact information into the patient database. Please rest assured that we will ensure your information. We will never let your information leak out from us. This is our promise. Yu Yiye's expression is firm, she hopes that every department of her company can do something to change the world, not just talk.
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